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Save 0.5% on Every Purchase with the Relai Referral Code (Empfehlungscode in 2024: REL171499

Looking for a Relai Referral Code? Then look no further.

By using the invite code “REL171499” you’ll save 0.5% on every Bitcoin purchase you make on the app! Keep reading to learn how!

If case you can only read German:

Sie suchen Sie nach einem Relai-Empfehlungscode? Dann sind Sie hier richtig!

Durch die Verwendung des Einladungscodes “REL171499” sparen Sie 0,5% bei jedem Bitcoin-Kauf, den Sie in der App tätigen!

Launched in 2019 by visionaries Julian Liniger and Adem Bilican, and later supported by investors Lars Diener Kimmich and Nick Haller, Relai has swiftly established itself as a go-to app for straightforward Bitcoin purchasing. 

This growth reflects in its impressive user interface, most recently revamped in their 2.0 version, making it a top pick for both rookies and seasoned crypto enthusiasts.

The platform has been attracting more users over the last couple of years, and therefore, the lookout for a referral code has increased.

So, here’s how you can save on your next crypto purchases!

How to Maximize Your Savings with Referral Code REL171499

Relai’s referral system introduces an enticing way to save. Here’s how to make the most out of it:

  • Start with the Exclusive Link: Begin your Relai journey through our unique sign-up link, which lets you purchase Bitcoin free of charge for monthly purchases up to €100. 
  • Choose and Secure Your Wallet: Set up a new Bitcoin wallet or import an existing one. Upon acquiring Bitcoins through Relai, they’re directly transferred to your wallet. Entering the referral code “REL171499” at this stage ensures a lasting discount on your Bitcoin purchase fees.
  • Enjoy Up to 60% Fee Reduction: The referral code “REL171499” slashes up to 60% off on transaction fees, elevating your savings and your experience on the platform.

Where Do I Enter the Invite Code?

You should enter the referral code “REL171499” when setting up a new wallet or importing an existing one. This will allow you to have a permanent discount of 0.5% on Bitcoin purchasing fees.

What Sets Relai Apart?

Relai’s hallmark is its commitment to user ease. It shuns the cumbersome verification processes typical in the crypto space, encouraging first-time users to dive right into buying Bitcoin. Moreover, for transactions up to €100 per month, the platform charges no fees, a move that solidifies its user-friendly appeal.

Exploring the Relai App

Relai’s app is a blend of aesthetics and functionality. Its latest update, featuring a refreshed design and user-friendly interface, caters to all levels of crypto traders. One of its standout features is the direct sending of Bitcoins to personal wallets. Although this might seem standard, it resonates with those preferring to store their crypto assets in private hardware wallets, enhancing security.

Relai’s fee structure is another highlight. Originally set at 3%, the fees have been adjusted to a more competitive 2.5%. But it doesn’t stop there; the platform offers further reductions through various incentives. 

By using a savings plan, and applying the invite code “REL171499”, users can shave off an additional 0.5% each time, making Relai’s fees notably lower than many competitors.

Earning Through Relai’s Referral Program

Referral codes aren’t just for saving; they can be a source of income too. Here’s the drill:

  • Get Your Code and Share: Everyone receives a personal referral code.
  • Benefit from Transactions: Each time your referral code is used for buying or selling Bitcoin on Relai, a 0.5% fee reduction applies. Plus, you earn a 0.5% commission on the transaction amount.
  • Reap Continuous Rewards: Commissions are deposited monthly into your Relai wallet, and this includes recurring transactions like weekly saving plans.

The Trust Factor: Is Relai Legit?

In a market brimming with crypto apps, trust is paramount. Relai’s transparent fee structure and the direct transfer feature offer a sense of control and security to its users. Moreover, holding a license as a Virtual Asset Service Provider, Relai operates independently, which enhances its credibility. Supported by responsive customer service including a chat function and a helpful Helpdesk, the platform underscores its reliability.

Wrapping Up: Why Relai with Referral Invite REL171499 Makes Sense

With its user-friendly design, competitive and transparent fees, and easy savings through the referral code “REL171499”, Relai is not just another crypto platform. It’s a thoughtful, inclusive solution that addresses the needs of varied Bitcoin investors. Whether you’re starting your crypto journey or looking to streamline your existing strategy, Relai’s blend of functionality, cost-effectiveness, and security makes it a worthy contender in the Bitcoin trading realm.

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